Full Circle
Maximising the talents within individuals and teams
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“I hired Joanne to work with us on the ARUP graduate programme. She worked with a team of facilitators and I received tremendous feedback from the client as her group were delighted with the way she worked with them. I found her to be highly personable and reliable. I will definately employ her again without hesitation.”

Greg Robertson, The Grange Group


What we do at a glance

Ensuring Task Achievement

  •  Improving business knowledge
  •  Navigating your people through change
  •  Making strategic choices
  •  Delivering winning results
  •  Creating an engaging environment

Maximising Team Success

  •  Leading successful teams
  •  Engaging & communicating effectively
  •  Creating a positive & empowering environment
  •  Maximising team skills & capabilities
  •  Aligning cross-functional teams

Developing Individuals

  •  Improving personal effectiveness & productivity
  •  Discovering self awareness & personal potential
  •  Developing competence through new skills, knowledge & behaviour
  •  Defining & achieving personal development plans
  •  Building better business relationships