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"I was really impressed by the results I achieved working with Jo. She is clearly extremely skilled as a coach but combines this with genuine passion for what she does and personal warmth. She was always thoroughly prepared for our sessions which meant they were well structured and focused on outcomes. But what sets Jo apart is her ability to carefully listen, adapt her approach, reflect back to you what you've discussed in a way that helps you reach your own conclusions about how to respond and ultimately provide practical techniques to help you progress. I really enjoyed the time I spent with her and feel that my own insight into my motivations, values and behaviour was improved in a way that was beneficial both to me and the company I worked for. Thanks Jo!"


Psychometric / 360 Profiling

Full Circle Training & Development provide psychometric assessment to meet a number of specific client needs.

We have helped individuals and organisations to achieve their objectives using psychometric profiling to:   

  • Assist in the recruitment and selection process
  • Run successful and cost effective Assessment and Development Centres
  • Fulfil specific performance coaching needs
  • Manage employee succession and talent pools
  • Implement 360 Degree / Capability Projects
  • Improve Management Development Programmes and Team Building Events
  • Better inform potential investors as part of a ‘due diligence’ requirements

By using a range of excellent tools, Full Circle Training & Development helps individuals to gain a detailed understanding of their working style and how this impacts on their relationships with others and as a professional.

We only use qualified professionals to carry out psychometric testing and this ensures that the highest quality advice and practices are used within your business.  Our assessment specialists hold the British Psychological Society’s Level A and Level B qualifications in psychometric testing.

We use the most effective mix of Psychometric Assessment tools to meet your specific needs. These include:


Ability tests – recognised as the single best method of predicting job success, ability tests measure current ability and future potential for different work skills.

Personality Assessment – questionnaires that provide valuable information about a person’s behavioural style at work and critical for where people interactions are key.

Motivation Questionnaires – helping to differentiate between adequate and exceptional performance and ensuring that potential can be spotted and planned for.

360 Profiling – provide feedback on an individual’s performance from a variety of perspectives, giving insight as to how job performance can be improved.

Competency Assessment – the key to understanding what is needed for a job role.

Derailment Profiling – Insight into the potential factors which can lead to burn-out or to the individual showing high potential, but later becoming ‘de-railed’

Talk to us about how we can help you understand what makes your people tick and how you can make best use of their unique talents, skills and preferences.