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"Extraordinary - Jo brings to life anything she delivers. Her ability to "get into the minds of individuals" and then use her insight to lead individuals to first know themselves and then believe they can achieve allows people to move into a completely new paradigm of behaviour. Jo is also an exceptional coach, moving team and individual capability forward and she also goes out out of her way to provide individual support. Jo has a relaxed, engaging and approachable manner which enables her to relate to people at all levels. Jo's sessions are always tailored and relevant to the needs of the business. Her sessions are always refreshing and interesting and she has an amazing ability to be able to bring a room of people together. She uses a variety of training/coaching techniques and always makes the session interesting and fun. Attendees often comment that they” want more” and that they will be able to apply the principles to their day to day role. I have worked with Jo whilst in two companies and I would have no hesitation in recommending Jo to anyone. A real pleasure to work with."


Developing Teams

Effective teams accomplish much more than the sum of their individual contributors.   Teams, like people, come in all shapes and sizes.  Through the inclusion of all key skills, talents, and temperaments, teams learn how to identify and engage their diverse collective resources and expertise to achieve at a higher level of performance and excellence.  

  • How do you ensure that your teams are operating to their full potential?   
  • How can you improve the communication between team members, and with internal and external customers?  
  • How do you ensure your teams are resilient to changing needs and requirements?
  • What do you do when teams break down and stop communicating?
  • How do you ensure your teams don’t have a silo mentality?
  • What could a high performing team approach, with a common language achieve for your business?  

We can help you build your teams success in several ways:  

  • Providing a consultative service to assertain the teams working style and needs
  • Diagnosing the current team issues and measurements of success
  • Insights Discovery Team Profiling and Effectiveness Sessions
  • Stimulating Team Indoor or Outdoor Experience Events
  • Action Learning Groups
  • How to Manage the Team Successfully Through Change
  • Developing the Team Leader as Coach and Facilitator    

Talk to us about how we can maximise the effectiveness of your teams