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“I hired Joanne to work with us on the ARUP graduate programme. She worked with a team of facilitators and I received tremendous feedback from the client as her group were delighted with the way she worked with them. I found her to be highly personable and reliable. I will definately employ her again without hesitation.”

Greg Robertson, The Grange Group


Development Workshops

When working with organisations and individuals we are aware that you want results not just training.
We are also aware that participants attending our events would prefer to enjoy training they receive, we are incredibly focussed on doing both.

Our workshops are highly interactive, stimulating and focused on developing skills that can be transfered directly back into the workplace.   Below are some of the most popular programmes we run with organisations. You will get enjoyable, results focussed training to maximise the potential of all:

  •  Insights Discovery Personal Effectiveness and Team Programmes
  •  Communicate for Impact
  •  Maximising Team Effectiveness
  •  Managing Individuals within your Team
  •  Running Effective 1:1 Meetings  
  •  Dynamic Leadership
  •  Running Motivational Performance Reviews
  •  Selection Interviewing Skills for Managers
  •  The Manager as a Performance Coach
  •  Influencing and Persuading Skills
  •  Managing Effective Teams Through Change
  •  Train the Trainer 
  •  Managing Performance Problems
  •  Personal Effectiveness for Managers 

If you’d prefer us to deliver your own in-house materials, an need the external assistance, we can provide experienced professionals to meet your needs.     With the right investment, care and attention, you or the people in your organisation can maximise their potential.  

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you.