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"Jo has a relaxed, engaging and approachable manner which enables her to relate to people at all levels. Jo's sessions are always tailored and relevant to the needs of the business. Her sessions are always refreshing and interesting and she has an amazing ability to be able to bring a room of people together. She uses a variety of training/coaching techniques and always makes the session interesting and fun. Attendees often comment that they” want more” and that they will be able to apply the principles to their day to day role. I have worked with Jo whilst in two companies and I would have no hesitation in recommending Jo to anyone. A real pleasure to work with."


Insights Transformational Leadership

The Insights Transformational Leadership Model takes a multi-dimensional approach to developing leaders, helping them make dramatic and sustainable improvements to their effectiveness, at the individual, team and organisational level. 

Insights Transformational Leadership is designed to improve leadership capabilities across a wide spectrum of levels in an organisation.  This provides one common and aligned framework for leadership development throughout the organisation.

Experience shows that leadership models are only truly effective when they are deeply imbedded into the fabric of the organisation and become an integral part of a leader’s day to day business.  The Insights Transformational Leadership model can be customized to align with an organisation’s leadership philosophy and framework and to complement existing people development processes, bringing a company’s key performance indicators to life in a compelling and practical way.

No change is possible without winning the heart and mind of each leader.  Insights, through the Insights Transformational Leadership approach, help leaders make improvements in areas or challenge or stretch but the primary focus is on the areas of strength and how to leverage that capacity further.  Leaders are inspired to pay attention to what is already working for them and to make this even better.       

Here are some of the ways that a Transformational Leadership approach may help your organisation:

  • A leadership framework and programme that can transform your business
  • Developing  leaders to become more effective at managing themselves, their team and organisation
  • Developing leaders adapt their approach to motivate and inspire different individuals and personalities
    across multi-disciplines and departments 
  • Developing leaders to perform at the highest levels and to help others excel
  • Common and aligned framework and language across the organisation