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 "Joanne is without doubt one of the most inspirational people I have dealt with in business. She is extremely likeable and does her background work in detail on the business and the individuals she deals with."

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Insight Discovery

Insights Discovery is based on the psychology of Carl Jung.  Using the simple universal language of colour, participants are able to gain a detailed understanding of their working style, how this impacts on their relationships with others and how they might develop to improve their personal and professional effectiveness.

The training is engaging, interactive and fun.  Focused on your own unique needs the sessions can meet the demands of your people and business environment in duration, content and location. Many clients are amazed at how quickly they, and their employees, pick up the learning and how it has helped them to open- up a whole new world of understanding of themselves and others.

 Benefits that you can expect from the development event:  

  • Each individual will have an overview of their personality style
  • This will empower them with excellent insights into themselves and others
  • They will understand the impact that their personal style has on their relationships
  • They will gain insight into their own strengths and weaknesses
  • They will be faced with their blind spots
  • Understanding their own profile will help them to communicate with individuals with other profiles
  • There will be an understanding of what profile suits which job position best
  • It will teach individuals how best to deal with conflict
  • The manager will know how to best manage and motivate each profile
  • You will know what is each individual’s preferred learning style and therefore how to teach them effectively
  • You will have insightful sales representatives who will identify the client’s profiles and how to best meet 
    their needs.
  • Each staff member will take ownership of their development and we will help them set clear goals

The Insights Discovery Personal Profile is more than a personality solution.

It is a development solution that when used alongside a bespoke training session will help individuals to understand:  

  • How perception influences thinking, behaviour and approach to work situations
  • The Insights colour energies and how to spot them in ourselves and others
  • How to manage communication to get the best response
  • How to influence more effectively
  • The importance of ‘Adapting and Connecting’ with others who are different to us
  • How to set effective goals and strategies and apply the learning
    back in the workplace


To see a sample profile click  here


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