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Virtual Training and Coaching

Virtual Development

Our approach to development has always been; to be flexible, engaging and delivered in the best way for you and your people. All of our development solutions are available in a virtual format, so whether it’s a personal coaching session, a team development event or a skills workshop we are here to help.

Why Virtual?

Engaging and Inclusive

Everyone can benefit from virtual workshops wherever they are in the world. You can bring your people together at a time to suit everyone.

Cost Effective

With Virtual workshops the only thing to invest in is the delivery of the workshop itself. There are none of the related costs to running face-to-face events saving you money on travel, hotels and associated venue expenses.

Saving Travel Time

Running virtual workshops means no travel time. This means less time away from the office with the added benefit that participants can apply their learning immediately after the workshop.

Blended Learning Experience

Events can be designed to include a range of learning methods that suit all learning styles.All of your participants can contribute in a way that works best for them…webinar, video, chat box, break-out rooms and recordings to watch later.

Virtual Insights Discovery Events

Insights Partner

Insights Discovery is all about helping individuals understand themselves and others so they can appreciate and value different approaches. In a virtual environment, knowing more about your colleagues and how they prefer to work can help you move beyond surface-level relationships into truly collaborative partnerships.

Virtual Insights Discovery sessions are designed, so that your learners can enjoy interactive exercises and group discussion while being guided through engaging learning content by an expert facilitator.

Who’s it for?


Our virtual Insights Discovery events are suitable for everyone. You can use the learning for your own personal development, we use it in almost all of our coaching sessions. You can use it to help your team members understand each other; and it is terrific for helping your leaders understand how they can use their skills to really drive productivity and build engagement.

By understanding each other’s personal preferences, team members can better meet the needs of their colleagues. This is vital in meetings, when collaborating on projects, if the team is under pressure and in everyday conversations.

  • It’s suitable for organisations that have some or all team members working virtually
  • It’s great for those that prefer virtual delivery due to travel restrictions, global dispersion of teams, or for sustainability reasons
  • It’s ideal for those that have moved to home working

Learning objectives


The two-hour Introduction to Discovery session is supported by a pre-session e-module and a Personal Profile. At the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Describe your strengths and the value that each colour energy brings to performance
  • Use the language of the four colour energies to describe preferences in yourself and others
  • Identify situations where adapting your natural behaviour can improve your connection with others
  • Set a personal development action related to communication, connection, or interactions with others

About Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery

The Insights Discovery model is a simple and accessible four-colour model which, accompanied by an Insights Discovery Personal Profile, helps people to understand more about themselves and others.

It creates a common language that makes it easier to identify strengths and address weaknesses, so that individuals and teams can perform at their highest level. This model provides an effective foundation for learning programmes since it inspires individuals to think about how they act and communicate.

The Insights Discovery methodology allows individuals to view their personal preferences in relation to those of others, making it easy to identify where they may come into conflict, and where they share common ground.

Team wheels give you a highly visual representation of your team’s personal preferences….Great for when you are working virtually and want to remember a colleagues preferred working style.

Insights Team Wheel

Virtual Learning Kit

Every attendee will receive a virtual learning kit which includes:

  • An Insights Discovery Personal Profile
  • Basics of Insights Discovery pre-learning module– a short e-learning module that learners attend before their session to understand the basic concepts

  • Mini Foundation Reference Guide a short guide that contains all the key learning to refer back to

Virtual Team Effectiveness Events

All of our Insights Discovery Team Effectiveness development sessions are available in a virtual format.

This is a powerful base from which a team can build essential skills, such as:

  • Utilising the strengths within your team
  • Connecting virtually to deliver results
  • Ensure that you are all heading in the same direction with purpose and focus
  • Collaborating and understanding each other’s preferred communication styles and working methods
  • Understanding what needs to happen when you are under pressure to build cohesion and trust
  • Valuing differences and diversity within the team
  • Celebrating your successes and reflecting on how you can continue to build your effectiveness
  • Ensuring that your virtual team meetings are efficient, effective and fun

Virtual Skills Development Workshops

  • Our virtual webinar development workshops are between 60-120 minutes in duration depending on the required solution.
  • Sessions can be run as one-off events, or you can choose to build 3 or 4 events into a day.
  • We also deliver modular Management Development and Leadership Programmes to meet your needs.
  • The ideal number of learners is between 6 and 12 per workshop, but we are always happy to be flexible.
  • All of our events are packed with practical ideas that participants can apply immediately after completing the workshop.

The following are a sample of some of our most popular personal webinar events; or to discuss your specific requirements please contact us

Individual Skills Development

  • How to Run and Participate in Effective Virtual Meetings
  • Successful Home Working
  • Managing my Stakeholders
  • Effective Time Management
  • Influencing Skills
  • Building Trusting Relationships
  • Personal Change Management
  • Delivering Virtual Training (Train-the-Trainer)
  • Building Personal Resilience
  • Assertiveness Skills
  • Personal Branding
  • Collaborative Team Working
  • Communication Skills
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Setting and Achieving Objectives

Management Skills Development

  • Role of the Manager
  • Building Team Effectiveness
  • Art of Delegation
  • Managing a Remote Team
  • Challenging Conversations and Conflict Handling
  • The Manager as Coach
  • Managing Change
  • Setting Direction and Objectives
  • Empowering and Engaging Others
  • Stepping up to Leadership
  • Running Effective One-to-One Meetings
  • Motivational Leadership
  • Performance Management
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Delivering Results


Please download our Brochure for additional information on our blended approach

Virtual Coaching

What is Virtual Coaching?

Virtual coaching is a personal and bespoke conversation that is conducted over a web-based video conferencing service.

Virtual leadership coaching can provide you with time to gain structure and clarity so you can prepare mentally, emotionally, and professionally as you lead your organization.

Coaching can help you develop by:

  • providing you with a confidential space to discuss and test ideas;
  • helping you manage or regain energy and focus;
  • developing a sense of clarity and purpose
  • providing you with someone to listen to your personal concerns and issues; helping you to build your own resilience
  • challenging you to set stretching actions that you really want to achieve

Jim Forward

HF Holidays have worked with Jo for a number of years now. She has brought out the best in our leaders, raising their awareness, skills and confidence, helping us transform business performance. The cultural change has been welcomed by our team, has led us to do great things for our guests and members, and deliver stronger financial performance. Could we have done without Jo? Maybe but I doubt it.

Jim Forward CEO HF Holidays, Elstree

Jo Freeman

For a number of our Talent programmes, Jo has successfully run presentation skills workshop for our participants. Through delivering succinct, specific feedback to individuals, she has ensured that they are more focused on the elements of making a really impactful presentation.

Jo Freeman, Talent & Leadership Development Manager at Nationwide Building Society Swindon

Bryan Mecrow

The training sessions with Jo are very well planned, engaging, enjoyable and above all thought-provoking and a great catalyst for team and self-reflection. I cannot recommend highly enough, they have been a massive help to both our board and management teams and to me personally.

Bryan Mecrow, Chief Financial Officer Anchor Computer Systems Ltd Birmingham

Tony Yates

Joanne is without doubt one of the most inspirational people I have dealt with in business. She is extremely likeable and does her background work in detail on the business and the individuals she deals with. A very easy recommendation to write.

Tony Yates, Hospital Director at Spire Healthcare

Jim Forward

HF Holidays have worked with Jo for a number of years now. She has brought out the best in our leaders, raising their awareness, skills and confidence, helping us transform business performance. The cultural change has been welcomed by our team, has led us to do great things for our guests and members, and deliver stronger financial performance. Could we have done without Jo? Maybe but I doubt it.

Jim Forward, CEO HF Holidays